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Collective Mapping (may – june 2018)

Workshop organized by Project[s] researchers team (Marion Serre, Ion Maleas, Arnaud Sibilat, Zineb Ait Bouali, Gabriele Salvia and Safa Ben Khedher) with the inhabitants of La Clairnande.

Goal: to create a soft and consensual starting point / to elaborate a collective diagnostic of the residential subdivision, identifying what has to be transformed and what as to be preserved.

Result: mapping collective resources. Prepare the dialogue with the jnhabitants to discuss collectively the residential subdivision charter

Tools: To co-organize with the inhabitants their annual neighbour day-party. Collective map of the resources to preverve and of the potentials to transform

Object: public space of the residential subdivision and of the district

Teams and roles: Homeowners’ association (logistics BBQ/food) + Project[s]-ENSA-M research team (workshop tools)


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