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Reclaim The Suburbs. Which Capacities For Participatory Approaches?

The point of departure of this CAPA.CITY autumnschool is that we need a new movement Reclaim the Suburbs that supports residents to organize themselves and initiate own retrofitting projects; projects that do reduce the societal costs of their mode of living, but also fit within their housing dream: garage-box entrepreneurs, multigenerational villa-collectives, eco-garden networks, crowdfunded community services or renewable energy cooperatives. The CAPA.CITY autumnschool will collect and discuss ongoing Reclaim the Suburb initiatives, with a focus on the capacities that collectives need to develop, in order to initiate, run and sustain such initiatives.

IMPORTANT DATES (more info soon) :

– 24th of June 2019: Deadline submission motivation
– 1st of June 2019: Notification of acceptance
– 2nd of September 2019: Deadline submission of a poster

CAPACITY autumnschool_flyer

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