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During several visits in ‘De Waterstraat’ neighbourhood in Lanaken a number of inhabitants have been involved in interviews mediated trough a paper model representing an average house of the area and several paper components (figurines representing trees, furniture, urban furniture, means of transportation, post-its…).
During the interviews the inhabitants visualised how they live and dream to live in the neighbourhood concentrating especially on their plot and the personal use they make of their neighbourhood. This first experimentation triggered an initial reflection on how people live in the area and how they imagine their future to be here. A number of modes of living emerged that don’t necessary match with the common idea of what a Flemish residential subdivision is. Different modes of living and sharing on different levels exist in “De Waterstraat” that hybridise individual and collective, private and public uses and spaces not only in the present of the neighbourhood but also in the future that inhabitants imagine for this place. 

“Now everybody has a fence on both sides of their plots…perhaps there are possibilities to open up fences and do things together…”
(Inhabitant of ‘De Waterstraat’, Lanaken)

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