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In February 2019 a number of inhabitants of the Witte Wijk participated to co-design workshops where they have been presented with the results of the interviews and engaged in collectively discuss and visualise possible retrofitting alternatives starting from contextual dwelling patterns. 

In groups, inhabitants have discussed dwelling patterns they found of particular interest to improve the future liveability and sustainability of the neighbourhood. Through the provided prototyping toolbox inhabitants have visualised the reworked patterns and presented and discussed them collectively. In particular inhabitants discussed possibilities for creating more shared and collective dwelling possibilities in a residential subdivisions, how to share facilities and services as well as how to improve streets to transform them into spaces for living other than only for cars. Further inhabitants have engaged in discussing and proposing alternatives for improving the biodiversity of the neighbourhood collectively and to use public spaces as collective spaces for sociality and food production. Different ways of organising the neighbourhood which hybridise public and private spaces have as well emerged to imagine how to support more shared dwelling alternatives. 

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