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10-13 december 2018

More information below! PhD workshop Perigueux, France, 9-12 April 2018

Debating residential subdivisions. Which actors, which forms, which uses?

In the continuity of research considering residential subdivisions as “laboratory-spaces” (Dodier, 2012; PUCA, 2011-2013), this PhD workshop questions ways of dealing with the existing, searching for adjustments and rebalancing in order to (re)compose the cities of the future (Bonnet, 2014). Within the perspective of complementing previous researches concerning the process of suburban densification (Miet & Lefol, 2013; PUCA, 2015), this PhD workshop aims to develop a reflection on the intersection of three subjects: the participation of different actors in transforming residential subdivisions, the architectural and urban forms produced and the intensification of uses that could be induced in such processes.



2_PROGRAM AND FINAL ABSTRACTS Winterschool Roskilde, Denmark, 10-13 December 2018

Growing learning collectives in residential subdivision towns

Within the framework of the research program CAPA.CITY, the winterschool is organized around the question of how to establish learning collectives around citizens, professionals and authorities that are concerned by spatial transformations taking place in their daily environment. Through a location–based experimental learning approach the participants of the winterschool are invited to work on the residential subdivision town of Viby, Denmark.


IMPORTANT DATES (more info in CAPACITY_winterschool_program) :

– 1 November 2018: Deadline submission motivation
– 7 November 2018: Notification of acceptance
– 7 December 2018: Deadline submission of a case.



CAPACITY winterschool_flyer Autumnschool Hasselt, Belgium, October 2019

More information soon.