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Project partners

CAPA.CITY Project Partners

Capa.City project is a collaboration between both academic and non-academic partners  and works in 6 different residential subdivisions in Belgium, Denmark and France

Lanaken (B) is heading towards a real-estate crisis. Owners of large villas can no longer sell their property. The same is true for owners of old-houses, which cannot compete with new residential subdivisions. The research question is how retrofitting can counter this crisis.
Vosselaar (B) is witnessing an increase in the diversification of its inhabitants (aging population, young families, single parenting…) leading to a demand for more affordable and flexible housing typologies and for an increase in its densification. The research question is how the retrofitting of the residential subdivision can address these issues while opening up other possibilities for transitioning and transformation.
Périgueux (F) is experiencing an ageing and decreasing population, as young couples and families buy houses in the suburban area, far from amenities, where buildable land is affordable. The research question is how the densification of existing subdivisions can stop these trends.
Aix-En-Provence (F) has a growing population, but a lack of available land. The research question is how to densify existing residential subdivision without this impacting the current architectural quality, biodiversity and energy balance.
Viby (Dk) is planned to expand in order to sustain local services and increase the diversity of residential environments. The research question is how citizens can co-produce the revitalization of the town by identifying and mobilizing community based activities.